Thursday, 14 August 2014

July & August Calendar

July has been a wonderful month for being outside.  Plenty of great weather and long days to plan nice outings.

The IWT Kerry Branch outing to the Blaskets was no exception with a great bright sunny day, great crew and plenty of good company on board we saw many of our both native and visiting wildlife to the south-west shores.  A lovely piece on the day out is in our Branch News section in our newsletter.


August so far has been a great time for viewing juvenile creatures in their natural habitat.  I have been fortunate enough to encounter the most outgoing little bank vole in Killarney National Park recently!  It had no fear of humans and was just sitting by the path side munching on a leaf.  I was amazed at the tiny size with shiny beady little eyes and rather large teeth!  The place where I met him was ideal for bank voles with plenty of leafy undergrowth and hiding places in roots of trees.  They are omnivorous, dining on nuts, seeds, fruit, worms, snails and larvae, and will gorge on blackberries once they ripen.