Recommended Books

The Complete Field Guide To Ireland's Birds 

Eric Dempsey & Michael O'Clery

This complete field guide fully describes and illustrates almost 370 species, detailing key identification features, voice and diet, habitat and status in Ireland, and the latest distribution maps for each. In addition, over 100 of Ireland’s rarest species are also described. Presented in a new, smaller format, it can be easily fitted into a pocket or a rucksack and is ideal for use in the field.

Available from Easons and other book shops

The Complete Guide To Ireland's Birds

Eric Dempsey & Michael O'Clery

This reference book uses an original layout including birds in typical poses as well as standard identification plates. It includes the most up to date distribution maps and full descriptions of males, females, immatures, voice, diet and preferred habitat of 312 species. It also had brief descriptions of over 100 rare species. 

Available from Easons and other book shops

Finding Birds in Ireland - The Complete Guide Birds

Eric Dempsey & Michael O'Clery

Organised county by county, this is an easy-to-follow handbook giving the site names, grid references, detailed directions and maps for each site. It includes the best times to visit each area, a breakdown of the different seasons and the species you are likely to find, and lists rare birds seen at each site in the past. 

Available from Easons and other book shops

Collins Gem - Insects

Michael Chinery

The ideal portable companion, the world-renowned Collins Gem series returns with a fresh new look and updated material. This is the perfect pocket guide for nature enthusiasts keen to identify the most commonly seen insects in Britain and northern Europe.

Available from Kennys and other book shops

A Beginner's Guide to Ireland's Seashore

Helena Challinor; Susan Murphy Wickens; Jane Clark; Audrey Murphy

This is a 208 page pocket-sized guide, suitable for beginners of all ages. With the help of this book you will be able to explore the wonders of marine life on the shores around Ireland.