Monday, 9 November 2015

Deer Rut in Killarney National Park

Sunday 18th October Deer Rut in Killarney National Park

Sean O'Callaghan providing great insight and knowledge to reward everyone who got up so early on a Sunday morning.

Below is  small collection of pictures from the event.

An early start

Taking control and showing whose boss
In the first picture bellowing, followed by intimidation

The tips of the antlers showing signs of wear and tear

Taking a break

Male and female; showing the stark contrast between them in the breeding season (Rut)

Some of the other sights:also seen was a red squirrel

Horse Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut

Long Tailed Tit
Another sighting closely related to the annual rut

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

"Don't Die in Autumn"

Thursday 8th October "Don't Die in Autumn"

Eric Dempsey's talk and book signing on the 8th was hugely successful, with a great turnout and a really enjoyable evening.  Eric as always was a very entertaining speaker, and he left with his load of books considerably lighter than when he arrived.

An interesting title selection by Eric, with its own amusing backstory....which will leave people to find in the book itself.