Thursday, 14 April 2016

Tralee Bay Wetland Centre, Wildlife Garden.

Tuesday 12th April.

Here is the before photograph taken of our IWT Wildlife Garden project at the Tralee Bay Wetland Centre. As you can see the flower beds here are very overgrown with grasses and the centre have kindly allowed us to plant a new wildflower garden and insect hotel on this area. After several failed attempts to start this garden we finally began clearing it on a beautifully clear calm night.

Wednesday 20th April
We did some more clearing this evening and took away another bag of grass from the bed at the Wetland Centre. Such a lovely warm dry evening too with Daubenton's Bats flying overhead, I counted 3 and a solitary Swallow too. Mallards have with 3 ducklings that are out on the pond too. The Mute Swans are rebuilding their nest (in the same spot) as the sun fades on a warm (16c) Tralee Bay. It was too dark by the time I'd stopped snapping the sunset and listening to the bats so here are my snaps.

Saturday 31st April
More clearing done to the second flower bed today and it turns out that Pampas Grass stalks will come in handy for the insect hotel. Much more will be done very soon. This is the before shot.

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