Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March Calendar

March has arrived and with it some well needed sunshine!
From our Facebook page you can see that there has been great activity outdoors since the weather changed its tune.  Swallows arriving by boat, bees coming out of hibernation and amphibians becoming more active.

The daffodils, crocuses, tree blossoms and dandelions are providing a great food source for waking insects.  The all hallowed pollination that is going on should ensure we get some nice fruit this autumn.  The first of the woodland garlic is up too and the scent as you walk through it is quite pungent.

Has anyone seen a hare or hares yet?  The have been seen in a certain area of Tralee having their annual boxing matches!  Its great fun to watch, they are a very agile animal.  Another great sight are the Brent Geese out at Blennerville Bridge and down the canal bank walk.  They have taken over most of the fields and their chatter is fairly deafening at times!

Its time to start walking the beaches again, although mind the ankles on the debris that may still be about after the bashing our shores got.  Many unusual things have been unearthed since the storms. Ambergris has been washed up along with many different types of cetacean skulls and bones.  Fossilised shark teeth being another treasure to find along with large lumps of jasper.

I have put up my nestbox with a while, and am patiently waiting for new tenants..... There have been a few peeps in it and landings on it but as far as I know no actual advances on that!  I'll have to curb the enthusiasm and wait and see.  The bird nest/hide on the down pipe has fulfilled its use for the winter I'd say. I don't think the robin though it worthy enough to make a home there. 

I can't wait to attend the Newt Survey Workshop this weekend (details on our Facebook event slot). With the temperatures rising in our little ponds and wetlands its a great time to examine these quiet creatures and their habitat.  It should be a very informative and interesting way to spend Saturday.
Have a great March.

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