Sunday, 27 April 2014

Glanteenassig Walk

Colin Heaslip, kindly led a group of us around the boardwalk of Lough Caum in the Coillte owned wood - Glanteenassig. The weather stayed warm and sunny for the duration of the walk which lasted about one and a half hours.

Along the way Colin identified the various coniferous trees found within the wooded area and spoke about the geological make-up and formation of the area.
Coniferous Trees can be identified by their bark

Colin also gave details on the various practices put in place by Coillte to protect the lake from pollution such as silt traps and to increase bioversity such as allowing a certain amount of standing deadwood and cleared areas within the plantation.
Silt Trap - Preventing Pollution entering the lake

We wish to thank Coillte for granting our group access to the wood and look forward to visiting again throughout the year.
Also a big thank you to Colin for yet another enjoyable and informative IWT Kerry branch event.

Some more photos of the day

A Cormorant passing over head
On the boardwalk
Wood Sorrel
Colin explaining ecology of heathland
Heath Woodrush

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