Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ballyseedy Woodland Walk - Sunday 22nd June

Claire Horan and Ger Scollard lead a group around the Ballyseedy woodland last Sunday (22nd), making the most of the fine weather in a leisurely three hour trip from the North Car park to the meadow area, via the woodland path and back again.

Like other Oak woodlands Ballyseedy is noted for the large diversity of life, from large to small as well as virtually everything in between. Last Sunday was no disappointment: with sightings of plants, birds, fungi, lichens and insects. Over 50 plants species were noted and this is excluding ferns and grasses, which shows the diversity on our doorstep.

Claire uncovered the wide variety of flowering plants in the meadow and some newly emerged butterflies with Ger explaining how tree rings are formed and the younger members of the group had the opportunity to do some bark rubbings.

Some of the notable highlights being some stunning wild orchids, wild cherries, butterflies and an oak, although damaged in the storm spring back with new growth.

Close up of Orchid

Oak recovering from storm damage

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