Sunday, 28 September 2014

Photography walk-about with Anthony Dawson

As part of IWT Wildwatch Week 2014 we organised a photography walk-about with local photographer, Anthony Dawson. Anthony shared his passion for photography and knowledge of local wildlife with an enthralled group of enthusiasts. 

Starting off in the carpark by the railway tracks we caught the glimpses of area's abundant wildlife. At one point, squeals overhead alerted us to a mid air attack of a Peregrine Falcon on a passing crow. A Heron took up position as the tide emptied the basin and numerous mullet could be seen feeding in the shallows. Here, Anthony helped people get to know their cameras and get them set them up before we headed off on the walk about.

Greater Black back Gull
Some tips
  • Use manual focus rather than auto focus to avoid missing the shot 
  • Use the AV camera setting and choose high F-stop numbers e.g. F8, F11
  • A higher ISO setting will allow quicker shutter times for fast moving subjects but this can introduce noise so use with caution.
Oyster Catcher
From there we crossed the road and headed for the Windmill. As Gulls glided by and Rock Pipits hopped between the rocks a Heron, perched high on the tree line, watched us fumbling with our cameras in an attempt to capture this awesome sight.
Black headed Gull
Next, we circled the basin by crossing over the bridge and heading for Cockleshell Beach. Along the way a flock of lapwings passed overhead having recently arrived in the bay for winter season. Cormorants could be seen way off in the distance as well as a large flock of Little Egrets. Here, we completed the workshop and I think it's safe to say that all present learned all more bit about our local wildlife, their cameras and how lucky we are to have a habitat such as the Tralee Bay Nature Reserve right on our doorstep.

Flock of Little Egrets
For me, the rest of the branch and those who joined us on the day I wish to thank Anthony for being so generous with this time and expertise and we look forward to many outings with him in the future. 

Anthony's Wildlife Photography Facebook is be found here

Grey Heron

Grey Heron
Black headed Gull
Black Tailed Godwit
Little Egret
View Towards Curreen raised bog - where we had our last event
Cormorants in the distance
Remains of the hull of ship in the mud

Red Admiral Butterfly


Pied Wagtails


Goat on the outer canal wall

Goat on the outer canal wall

Goat on the outer canal wall
Hoverflies & a tiny Wasp

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