Sunday, 22 March 2015

Reintroduction in Birds - from Raptors to Parrots

On Thursday, 28th February, Dr Allan Mee of the Golden Eagle Trust gave a fantastic talk on the many reintroduction projects he has been involved with around the world, detailing the pitfalls and solutions encountered - a welcome change for him from just speaking on the White-tailed Eagle project here in Kerry.  A lot of these species have become flagship species, providing not only a conservation focus, but also beneficial knock-on economic effects.  

The species he touched on were:

File:Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha -three on branch-3.jpg
Thick-Billed Parrot in Mexico
File:Cyanopsitta spixii -Vogelpark Walsrode, Walsrode, Germany-1980.jpg
Spix Macaw in Brazil
File:Copsychus sechellarum -Seychelles-8.jpg
Seychelles Magpie Robin
File:Californian Condor 50 MC.jpg
California Condor
Strigops habroptilus 1.jpg
Kakapo in New Zealand
File:White tailed Eagle DG.JPG
And of course... The White-tailed Eagle in Kerry
For further information on Allan's work and the Trust in general, please visit their website at

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