Monday, 21 September 2015

Ed's Pelagic

Ed's Pelagic duly set sail from Dingle on the 11th August. The purpose of pelagic trips like these is to find seabirds that rarely, if ever come in to land in Ireland, such as skuas, shearwaters, fulmar and petrels, but also provides the opportunity to explore and enjoy what the full variety of wildlife in the Kerry Seas. The Kerry Birding Blog contains a full account of the avian encounters, some of which in the pictures below as well as few others sights from the day.

Pod of common dolphins

Another pod paying us a visit 

Minke Whale
Juvenile Gannet (4th Year)

Although difficult to catch in this shot can see several Gannets in various stages of diving, as well as a water splash and others taking off from the surface

Some Id fun :-) selection for Identification 


Sooty Shearwater

Arctic Skua

Kittiwake and Pomarine Skua

Herring Gull

Great Skua


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